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    Cylinder Cyclone

    With 12' ExtendaClone added. Services cylinders up to 20' long!

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    Cylinder Cyclones finished, ready to serve in cylinder repair shops

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    NEW! Touchscreen control -- Safety and precision all in one!

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    Cylinder Cyclone and Tool Caddy with custom designed tooling, Your answer to hydraulic cylinder repair

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    Troubles repairing

    Heavy duty cylinders? Here's your answer!

Cylinder Cyclone

Does your shop manufacture or repair hydraulic cylinders?
Take a close look at the Cylinder Cyclone and what it can offer you! We offer revolutionary solutions for the professional hydraulic cylinder manufacturing and repair industry.

  • Bi-directional Torque Capability

    Tighten with a torque of up to 35,000 or loosen up to 50,000 foot pounds at the push of a remote button. (New High Torque model (CC-2060-CPB) offers 50,000 foot lbs of tightening torque and loosens up to 60,000 foot lbs.)

  • Free Standing Unit

    The entire unit is stands by itself. It can be placed where it best serves your needs and moved whenever needed.

  • Positive Pressure (Torque) is Pendant Controlled

    Operator uses electronic controls to maintain constant control.

  • Full Length Push/Pull Feature

    No need to reset anchor points. Perform quick repairs and tests to cylinder. Furthermore, it can be extended 12 or 24' if you work with longer cylinders!

  • Sky Hook Gentle Control

    Hanging from the machine assures the cylinder is perfectly aligned.

  • Multi-Speed Rotational and Horizontal Pressures

    Choose the speed you need. Stop thread damage.

  • Precision Torque Settings and On Machine Pressure Testing

    Tighten all repaired cylinder settings to manufacturer's specifications - no guesswork. Pressure test the repaired cylinder without an additional setup.

  • Safety First and Simple Operations

    No need to be exposed to dangerous operations. Simple operator training achieves professional results.

Tool Caddy and Specialized Tooling

View the Benefits and features

Disassembling a Hydraulic Cylinder

Does your shop repair large hydraulic cylinders; take them apart, repair them and torque them up again? Are you looking for a machine that is powerful enough to do the job? Do you want to handle large cylinders safely and know you torqued them up to manufacturer's specs? Do you want to work without doing damage to the nuts and threads in the work? Do you want the quality of a machine built with top-of-the-line components? Consider the Cylinder Cyclone; engineered and built by hydraulic specialists and with machine shop precision.

The Cylinder Cyclone is offered with a complete set of custom designed and tooling that streamlines every phase of cylinder testing, repair and rebuilding. There's no need to bring in extra devices to pressure test your rebuilt cylinder. Do it all right from one setup. Consider purchasing the custom built and equipped Tool Caddy. You won't find any process for servicing cylinders that is more efficient than this setup. From the ground up, the entire machine is built on a large pipe which enables it to be set anywhere, to the Sky Hook lift arrangement at the top of the machine, you can easily see the Cylinder Cyclone is your choice of a cylinder repair bench.

We now offer the CC-2050-RPB model with 50,000 foot pounds loosening and 37,500 tightening and the upgraded model CC-2060-RPB with 60,000 loosening and 50,000 tightening capability.

Designed and manufactured by workers who know the hydraulic repair business. Contact Us with any questions you have about Cylinder Cyclone.

Machine Specifications for the CC-2050-RPB.

Dimensions — 27' long, 54" wide, and 10'6" high (with Sky Hook) (can be extended 12' or 24' longer according to your needs at a relatively inexpensive cost.)
Operating specifications — 24" swing and 20' center to center working length. Standard Cylinder Cyclone handles cylinders 24" diameter swing by 10' long. Simple attachment available for shops that work with longer cylinders.
Weight (including system fluids) - approximately 8,000 lbs
Oil Capacities:
Cylinder Cyclone System — 30 gal.
Pressure test system — 55 gal
Waste oil from cylinders — 250 gal

Motor — 15HP 208/230/460V 3 phase motor or single phase 230V

The standard model price at only $94,500 includes all the features and tooling for normal operation!

In developing the Cylinder Cyclone we have also developed specialized tooling designed specifically to serve the hydraulic cylinder industry. You may purchase this tooling individually by going to the Packages tab and clicking on the Complete Tooling List. Better yet, browse through our Tooling Packages. We have grouped tooling to meet the needs of different shops and offer discount prices when you purchase your tooling in one of these packages.

Click here to explore package options

Special note to international customers. Because of present demands, we request that you come to our location (given below) in order to gain a better understanding of the unique features of the Cylinder Cyclone and also to make your purchase. We do not have the resources to negotiate sales to shops outside the United States at this time.

Also please note. This website does not sell cylinders. We do repair cylinders at our Virginia location, but our specialty is in providing a hydraulic cylinder repair bench for the cylinder repair industry.

Designed and Manufactured by Cylinder Cyclone LLC.
4445 Lewis Byrd Road, Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801

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