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Accessories for the Cyclone

The Cylinder Cyclone is sold with all basic tooling you need to get started. However, there are many upgrades and options to allow your hydraulic repair shop to handle specialized jobs. Shown here is our tool caddy with tool box and lazy Susan equipped with hydraulic fittings. The tool caddy offers compact storage for most of the specialized tooling including:

  • 3/4" - 6 1/2" sockets
  • Eye grab cone system (4 sizes)
  • Spanner jaws (2 sizes)
  • Pressure test adapter fittins and indexed storage
  • Socket drive system
  • Spanner mounting plates (2 sizes)
  • Pressure test hoses
Tool Caddy

Tool Caddy

Other accessories that can be purchased include:

  • Socket plate mounts
  • Quick couplers
  • Pipe vise jaws (2 sizes)
  • Sockets and hex drivers
  • Spanner jaws
  • Cone holders (several sizes)
  • Adjustable chain vise for handling stage cylinders
Adjustable chain vise

Adjustable chain vise



Go to "Contact Us" page to download an interactive PDF that automatically calculates your price as you make your tooling selections. This feature can be used to complete a purchase agreement. downloading the brochure.