Cylinder Cyclone Upgrades


Tool Caddy

The tool caddy features a tool box and lazy susan equipped with hydraulic fittings. It is mounted on sturdy casters and can be easily moved so all tooling is accessible and yet out of the way when cylinders are moved in and out of the work area.

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Oversized Tailstock

The oversized tailstock option is designed for the larger cylinder market.  It can handle cylinders up to 15” in diameter, compared to the regular tailstock which handles up to 6” diameter cylinders.  It is designed like the regular tailstock and the torque head so it handles tooling interchangeably.  It comes with a removable insert which makes the tailstock regular-sized except when needed for special situations. 



Do you handle extra long cylinders?  The ExtendaClone is a 12’ or 24‘ extension to the main body of the machine.


Report Printing Capabilities

Want to print out a report of the tests you performed on the cylinder for the customer?  A professional yet simple printout attachment feature can be added to the touch screen for this function.


600-volt Canadian Electrical Package

Designed to accommodate the Canadian electrical system.

Single Phase VFD Package

Designed to accommodate single phase electric.

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