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Cylinder Cyclone Waitlist

Please read the following before joining the waitlist

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Here at Cylinder Cyclone, it is our desire to serve our customers in an orderly and transparent manner. We know not every hydraulic cylinder repair shop will choose the Cylinder Cyclone, but for the vast majority of hydraulic repair shops it is the very best investment that can be made. Presently the demand for units is surpassing our production abilities.

One of the main questions that prospective customers ask is, “How long will I have to wait for my Cylinder Cyclone?” We have decided to form this “Waitlist” in order to provide customer satisfaction for our clients regarding this question. We also strive to be fair in giving you opportunity to “get in line”.

Disclaimer: We can assure you the place in line that you contract with us. However, we are limited by various restrictions and our delivery date is only approximate. We cannot guarantee you 100% when your actual cylinder bench will be completed, nor when it will be delivered. We can promise you we will do our best to keep the time schedule without compromising on the quality of machine you have come to expect.

How to register: Each client who wishes to register on the waitlist must submit a properly completed purchase order. You will find these forms online in the “Package” page of our website. In order to hold your place in line, along with the purchase order, we require a $15,000.00 USD deposit.

Waiting list: When you have completed your registering process (along with private contracts) we will post your name on our website list with the identification that you choose.You may choose your business name or an alias should you wish to remain anonymous.

Withdrawing your name: We understand that change is a part of the business world. If you decide you no longer have a need for the Cylinder Cyclone, the following stipulations apply:

  • If your change is earlier than six months before scheduled delivery date, you will receive a refund of 90% of your original deposit or $13,500.
  • If you change your mind within 60 days of your scheduled delivery, your refund will only be 50% of the $15,000 ($7500) This is because your special order features may create expenses as we adapt to the new client.
  • For each month between six months and two months there will be a 10% reduction of refund, in other words, at 5 months - 80% (12,000), 4 months - 70% (10,500), 3months - 60% (9,000).

Additional deposits: Cylinder Cyclone offers discounts of up to 2% on amounts paid toward the purchase of the package chosen when deposits are made at the time of registering on the waiting list. If a client needs to change and withdraw his purchase order, the full amount paid beyond the waitlist deposit will be refunded.

If a vacancy occurs on the waiting list: We will honor clients who are able to provide the greatest deposit toward their order. For example, if a client near the bottom of the list has made a deposit of 100%, we will insert his order where an order has been withdrawn.


    February 2021

  • Clark Industrial Supply - Pottstown PA
  • PISI - Paris TN
  • Les Leary Onsite Services - Farmington NH
  • Diesel & Automotive Machine Services - Doyle TN

    August 2021

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