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Jonestown Ag

Repairing farm cylinders

It didn’t take long for us to see the Cylinder Cyclone was far superior in its options compared to the competition. We were impressed by the high speed accu-torque head which would take nuts off rapidly compared to the notch by notch workings of some of the competition. We really liked that it is a move-able unit, because we thought we might want to move the machine away from its original position if or when we expand our shop. The machine is so complete in itself, it does it all, from breaking the nut loose to the final pressure tests. The competition might have been only 3/4 the price, but we felt it didn’t have nearly as good design and working features.

Performance? Great! It works our cylinders right out of the way, we are happy with our increased cylinder work.

Our customers appreciate our improved our efficiency. One customer recently brought us a cylinder for repair that he wanted to repair himself, but he couldn’t get it apart. The Cylinder Cyclone took it apart in an almost effortless way – no need to butcher the cylinder to get it apart. No need for sledge hammers, torches etc. We just take it apart!

Fair Hill Precision sold us the machine and worked with us in setup. They are friendly and helpful. They care about every little detail. You might not want to write this, but we had a few minor leaks in set up, and they offered to reimburse us for repairs in the set up!

We would recommend the Cylinder Cyclone to any shop making a business of repairing hydraulic cylinders. It saves time for us. It takes much better care of the customer’s equipment. It is safer for our employees, and saves us man-hours. We don’t have to waste time messing around trying to figure out how to take than next big cylinder apart. One of our customers complained about a competitors shop trying to assemble a cylinder and it wasn’t lined up right. He was afraid it would damage his cylinder parts. He saw this unit and commented how easily it would eliminate that problem. That makes a good impression.