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Hydraulic Shop of Lubbock TX

Hydraulic Shop in Lubbock Texas

Glenn - "The Cylinder Cyclone is one gem of a machine. We have it over a year now and don't know how we'd do without it. The folks at Fair Hill used really good parts when they put it together. The valves and pumps are the best, built to last. Another thing I like about the machine is that you can control it with the remote, you can torque it up to what you want, and when you have broken a nut loose, you can run it slowly so it doesn't gall. I bought the entire package with the tool caddy too. I don't regret it, I'd do it again. We have had no problem with the machine, but Fair Hill found an issue with one of the valves, and they were planning to come fix it for us until this corona virus stopped them for now."
Eric - "Yes, the Cylinder Cyclone saves us a bunch of time and money. We can process every cylinder right here in our shop, and we can fix the cylinder right. I am sure it has paid for itself. We'd definitely do this again."