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GT Mobile Hydraulics

GT Mobile Hydraulic Repair ................................. October 31, 2016
1. What were the features of the Cylinder Cyclone that led you to purchase it instead of another cylinder bench?
• Bi-directional torque head
• Cylinder leveling system (crane)
• Push-pull travel without moving pins.
2. How has the Cylinder Cyclone been performing for you?
• In general very well.
3. What are some ways this machine improves your service to your customers?
• Cylinder components are not as easily damaged.
• It allows us to use controlled high torque to dissemble large cylinders.
• It allws us to torque large cylinders to proper specs when assembling.
• One of the bigest improvements was better working conditions for technicians at no extra
cost to the customer.
4. What are your observations about working with Fair Hill Precision where you purchased your machine?
• They are honest in their business dealings.
• They are very honest.
5. Would you recommend a Cylinder Cyclone to others? Why or why not?
• Yes, Providing that you already have, or have the potential to get enough work to pay the machine off.
• The machine is a superior machine, both in general operating principles, and outstanding design work.
• I cannot stress enough the amount and quality of design work that went into these machines already.
• The workmanship is outstanding.