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Fair Hill Precision is a machine shop that has had an interest in research and development of new and better machinery for many years. Their work led them into the world of cylinder repair. When they started in hydraulic cylinder repair they saw the need for a cylinder repair bench. Upon searching the available cylinder bench market, a bench that fully met these qualifications could not be found. Since they have an interest in development and having machinery that does the job properly, they built a repair bench of their own and used it for a number of years. In using the bench they continued improving and modifying it to better suit needs. Eventually it was named Cylinder Cyclone. The bench is superior to its competition because of over all design and top-of-the line accessories. Of course it costs more up front, but quality doesn't just cost, it also pays!

Their testimony: "Our experience has been that not only does the machine pay for itself in the savings of man-hours and preservation to cylinder parts, it also attracts a wider audience and market. Yes, we found we could actually present the customer with a lower invoice, all the while making so much more per hour that we could pay for the machine. Also, customers began coming from a much larger service area because they became convinced we can properly repair their cylinders in a timely and professional manner. As you know, customers want to be able to trust their service technicians in machine repair." We feel certain you will find it the same way, considering the contribution it makes to the industry, the Cylinder Cyclone doesn't cost, it pays!

Special note to international customers. Because of present demands, we request that you come to our Virginia location given on our home page in order to gain a better understanding of the unique features of the Cylinder Cyclone and also to make your purchase. At the present we do not have the resources to negotiate sales to shops outside the United States.

Please do not use this "contact us" form to order cylinders. Our specialty is in designing the Cylinder Cyclone hydraulic cylinder repair bench and associated tooling designed for the cylinder repair industry.

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