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Fair Hill Precision is a machine shop located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia that has had an interest in researching and developing new and better machinery for many years. Their work led them into the world of cylinders. When they started into hydraulic cylinder repair, the need arose for a cylinder repair bench; and dissatisfied with what the market had to offer, they designed and built their own unit and used it for a number of years. As time went on, they continued to modify and innovate it to better address challenges. As others saw the product quality and it’s innovation, the demand for the unit grew, and Cylinder Cyclone was born. Because of the high quality, it does cost more initially, but quality doesn’t just cost, it also pays!

Fair Hill Precision’s testimony: "Our experience has been that not only does the machine pay for itself in the savings of man-hours and preservation to cylinder parts, it also attracts a wider audience and market. Yes, we found we could actually present the customer with a lower invoice, all the while making so much more per hour that we could pay for the machine. Also, customers began coming from a much larger service area because they became convinced we can properly repair their cylinders in a timely and professional manner. As you know, customers want to be able to trust their service technicians in machine repair. We feel certain you will find it the same way, considering the contribution it makes to the industry, the Cylinder Cyclone doesn't cost, it pays!"

**Note to international customers - Due to international regulations and logistic challenges, we request that customers outside of the US and Canada come to our Virginia location if interested in purchasing a Cylinder Cyclone.

**Also please note - Cylinder Cyclone does not manufacture or sell cylinders. We do repair cylinders at our Virginia location, but our specialty is in providing a hydraulic cylinder repair bench for the cylinder repair industry.

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